Country Manager France

Job description

Since you will be completely responsible for building, expanding, optimizing and adjusting our product and marketing to the French target group, we are looking for a real entrepreneur. We expect France to be our biggest markets by the end of this year, which means that you have a lot of challenges coming your way.  You will be the driver of all marketing channels, working together with Joris, our talented Influencer Marketer, to take over the French market, while working on local improvements and translations on the product, to increase usability. You results will be clearly reflected through KPI’s like first time buyers, revenue, products sold and NPS.

You will share all your insights during the bi-weekly meeting with Joris, our French Customer Support team and the rest of the international influencer marketing team.

What is comes down to

  • Campaign management: you work together with the Performance Marketeer on the Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Google campaigns. Your focus will be on the creation of ads and localizing the campaigns for France, where the Performance Marketing works on account structure, analysis and bid management for all international campaigns.

  • User research: you will learn more about the French customers by sending out surveys, using our analytics tools like Usabilla and Appsee. You turn your insights into actionable hypotheses that can be tested within the company.

  • Localisation: working on local improvements so that our websites and apps better suit the local needs of the French market. For example, you work on translating new pages that we add to the app and you adjust the onboarding flow for new users.

  • Growth: testing  new marketing acquisition channels and analyses what contributes to growth for the French market.


Why you are UW’s perfect fit:

You have gained over 4-5 years of experience in online marketing and you pretty much know your way around all the different online marketing channels, but you prefer to focus on Social, like Facebook and Instagram advertising. Maybe you have not been active in the influencer marketing scene just yet, but you definitely know which influencers would interest our target group. Well, since you are a born and raised native French speaker, you actually know pretty much everything about how and why we should treat our French users different any other user. You want to be an entrepreneur, you want to be responsible for building our biggest market so far, you want to be a part of something big. And you have all the knowledge and willpower we need, to make this a huge success.