Business Development Intern

Job description

At United Wardrobe we believe that we can disrupt the fashion industry by making secondhand fashion the norm. We do this by connecting millions of users on a perfect platform especially made for buying and selling secondhand fashion. To reach the level of perfection, we continuously iterate on our product based on qualitative and quantitative consumer insights.

In order to build a feature and determine if it’s actually an improvement, we use the power of A/B testing. As the Business Development Intern you will be mostly present in the ideation phase. Here you will conduct and analyse qualitative and quantitative research to underpin A/B tests we are implementing. Once you fully understand and own this phase your responsibilities will be extended to include the implementation and analyses of A/B tests as well!  Ready to take on the adventure?


Responsibilities and Duties:

  • You will be responsible for finding the main friction points within our product (unclear design points, funnel drop-offs, etc.)
  • You will be using different qualitative research methods and tools like Usabilla, Typeform, face to face interviews and 5 second users tests to gather insights about user behaviour.
  • You will be responsible for analysing your results and clearly communicating the findings to the product manager, product designer, CPO and developers.
  • You will be responsible for translating findings to product improvements by writing DORs or A/B tests definitions.
  • Together with our designer, you will be responsible for creating the designs of your improvements.
  • You will be responsible for analysing the results of your A/B test and implementations and coming up with further iterations.

Knowledge & Experience: 

    • You are a HBO or WO student with affinity for the online world.
    • You have experience working with tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Firebase etc. Having worked before with any A/B testing tool (e.g. VWO, Hubspot & Kissmetrics’ testing kit, Optimizely, etc.) is a plus, as well as having worked with Looker.
    • Experience doing qualitative user research brings you a big advantage. As well as being able to create mock-ups using tools like Sketch.
    • You have a strong knowledge about the online environment and present a passion for learning about marketplaces
    • You know the United Wardrobe platform as you are an experienced buyer or seller.
    • You are able to take on the challenge, starting January 2020.

    Skills & Personality:

    • Good communication skills (verbal & written) in Dutch and English
    • Being able to work independently is a must
    • You are not afraid to ask questions and make mistakes
    • You have a strong commercial and analytical sense
    • You love taking ownership over everything that you are doing
    • You are results driven - you love making impact and nothing can stop you from achieving your goals
    • You have a strong affinity with the UW goals & culture
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