Backend Engineer (PHP/Golang)

Job description

United Wardrobe is a fashion tech company and we are changing the fashion industry, it needs to become more sustainable for both people and environment. Second hand fashion the norm! Since United Wardrobe is a tech product the development department is one of the most important pillars of our company. Our backend runs in the cloud, in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Go is our main language. We are looking for someone who can learn to work with this fast, our already owns the right skills to give our team some extra strength.


About the job

Our backend consists of many different parts that together make up a complex system. The major parts of the tech stack are:

  • The API (microservice architecture, Go)
  • The legacy API (PHP7)
  • The administration panel (PHP7)

The backend runs in the cloud, namely Amazon Web Services (AWS). We use many cloud-native services (examples: EC2, Lambda, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Redshift, CloudFront, Route53, CloudWatch, EMR, IAM, SES) as well as many open source projects (examples: Composer, CodeIgniter, Swagger, Glide, NSQ, Memcached, Redis, Nginx, MySQL).


We don't expect you to have experience in both PHP, Go and all services/projects listed here, but we do expect you to be eager to learn 😉.

You will be responsible for maintaining and improving our backend systems and building new scalable system from scratch.


What we have to offer

  • Impact: your work will make us grow 10x in the next following 2 years and will be seen by thousands of viewers every day.

  • The possibility to learn new languages and new techniques such as deep learning and machine learning.
  • Work on an innovative product that's used by millions of users.
  • And an incredible dynamic learning environment with an amazing culture.
  • Continuous deployments. Also to production.
  • Competitive wage based on your relevant experience.
  • Travel compensation from train station to train station, monthly compensation for bring-your-own-device or you get a company laptop (MacBook Pro).
  • Free daily lunch together + our own bar for Friday afternoon drinks. 


What we expect from you

  • At least 2 years of experience as a Backend developer
  • Really fast learner
  • Good communicational skills in English
  • Self-driven and eager to be a part of something big
  • You would love to work in our Utrecht located office