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The fashion marketplace

Everyone has clothing laying around which they barely wear and yet we buy more and more new clothing each year. By offering a social, safe and interactive marketplace, United Wardrobe strives to make secondhand fashion the norm.

We are United Wardrobe, we have 3.5M users, 1.5M products for sale, and growing with 300% year over year. In the next 5 years we want to 100 fold our impact by connecting all European fashion lovers, leading to over 100M items for sale. From Sneakers to designer items and from accessoires to winterjackets, what ever you need, we'll always be able to offer a secondhand alternative! 

Ready to join our revolution?

Perks & Benefits

What we have to offer you

  • A great location in the centre of Utrecht.
  • Impact: be involved in our quest to make second hand fashion the new norm.
  • Free daily lunch together and United Bardrobe for weekly Friday afternoon drinks.
  • A company laptop for professional and private use.
  • UW Holiday! Working and chilling abroad one week a year!
  • An incredible dynamic learning environment with an amazing culture.
  • The chance to develop yourself, using our training funding or learning from some of the best people in the field.


In the heart of Utrecht


Vinkenburgstraat 2a, 3512 Utrecht, Netherlands